Hybrid Will Only Work with Employee Input

If your company is putting a hybrid-work plan in place, you can’t assume you’ll know how well it’s working. You will need to solicit input from your employees, not just at the beginning of the implementation process, but along the way as well. Make it clear that this is an experiment and that you may change the policies over time as people have a chance to weigh in. Then hold periodic team discussions on what aspects of the policy are working and not working. Ask questions like, “What benefits have you seen from the hybrid policy?” and “What difficulties have you encountered?” and “Should we make any adjustments over the next quarter in how we collaborate?” Solicit anonymous feedback as well in case people are hesitant to be frank with you. Even if you receive rave reviews about the policy during the first quarter, don’t just set it and forget it. Continue to have follow-up discussions to ensure that your policies, and how they’re implemented, are aligned with the business’s goals and individuals’ needs as much as possible.

This tip is adapted from “To Make Hybrid Work, Solicit Employees’ Input,” by Sue Bingham

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