The World has a price tag for the first #Covid19 treatment. The US has two ~ Annalisa Merelli

Remdesivir, an antiviral medication developed to treat Ebola that was in May approved for emergency use on Covid-19 patients, is ready to be marketed. Gilead, the California-based pharmaceutical company producing the drug, has announced its price—or rather, prices.

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Remdesivir will be sold to high-income countries’ governments for $390 a vial—for a total of $2,340 for a standard five-day treatment (with a double dose on the first day). Gilead also announced a partnership with local producers serving 127 lower-income countries—such as India, Egypt, and Bangladesh—that will make and market a generic version of the drug, with Gilead’s permission, until the end of the pandemic is declared by the World Health Organization. So far, drugmakers in India and Bangladesh have announced remdesivir prices for healthcare providers between $59 and $71 a vial.

Chinese pharmaceutical company BrightGene is manufacturing its own version of remdesivir without approval from Gilead, although it contends it isn’t a copyright infringement because it plans to distribute the drug at no profit.

This news report is scoop from the Quartz.

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