#Business Architecture and Strategic Turnaround By Olukayode Aluko, MPM


Every organization looking to journey onto digital transformation has to incorporate extensively the business architectural framework. This is required because the era of

groping in the darkness of transformation in the digital world is gone.

From the strategic planning, to designing (connecting strategic thinking with the actual execution) to the actual revenue generation in the form of ROIs, the importance of

business architecture to modern day business owners cannot be over emphasized.

We have three key stakeholders in this journey of transformation and they are the strategic thinkers or planners (the owners or CXOs), Business Architects and the

Operators and project owners (the executioners).


Business Architects design, obtain approval, translate and  administer the implementation and ongoing improvement of the transformational business initiatives that enable organizations to convert strategy into commerce and prevail in the marketplace.

“Strategists are primarily concerned with the direction of the organization, Business Architects with the design of its dynamic structure and line managers with driving results

— Paul Arthur Bodine

 Now Business architecture can now be described as an art of translating strategic thinking and directions into vital values to the clients while ensuring returns, improvement in market share, profit margins and minimize risks.

The whys of Business Architectures?

 To deliver optimal value to all demands.

 To increase the market share in a competitive market

 To improve on the profit margins

 To minimize risks

business archit 1

Fig 1.0 The Lego connector of business architecture

business archit 2business archit 3

Fig 1.1 The relationships with key stakeholders

In closing

There is a need to enhance the knowledge base and deepen the awareness of the importance of Business architecture for not just the benefits but also for the many merits, it portends for the digital business environment and strategic turnaround.

Written by Olukayode Aluko.


Business Architecture: An Emerging Profession

Edition: April 28, 2009 By Paul Arthur Bodine and Jack Hilty

Business Architecture as an Approach to Connect Strategy & Projects by  Enterprisearchitects.com


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