Resist Your Tendency to Micromanage

Micromanaging is a hard habit to break. How can you combat these tendencies? First, set regular check-ins to discuss the status of projects. You may think you’re being helpful by frequently checking in on a project, but admit it: You’re hovering. Remind yourself that you hired certain people because of their expertise, so give them the autonomy to use it. Your general knowledge of the required tasks will help you put the right people in the right places. After that, communicate what you need, provide them with the support and resources to accomplish their tasks, and then trust them to carry it out. Finally, delegate more than you may be comfortable with. Managers who have a talent for delegation — and who put it to use — can breed greater team success than those who immerse themselves in the mundane details. By empowering your team to take on more, you’ll find yourself worrying — and controlling — a lot less.

This tip is adapted from “3 Ways to Kick Your Micromanaging Habit for Good,” by Serenity Gibbons


Categories: Management and Career Tips

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