Show Senior Leaders That You Can Think Strategically ~ Harvard Business Review

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Being able to think strategically is important, but in order to get ahead, you have to show your boss and other senior leaders that you can do it. One of the best ways to showcase your skill is to bring a point of view to an important conversation. During a meeting where strategy is being discussed, for example, ask yourself whether those present know where you stand. If they don’t, speak up and share your perspective. Higher-ups want to see that you don’t make decisions in a vacuum, so be sure that your point of view considers how other departments might be affected or how the outside world will respond. Also, show that you can use your knowledge to put new ideas into action. No matter your level in the organization, you can execute a project that demonstrates that your understanding of the business extends beyond your current role. Leaders will know you’re ready to be promoted when they know you can make decisions that position the company for the future.

This tip is adapted from “How to Demonstrate Your Strategic Thinking Skills,” by Nina A. Bowman

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