Don’t Let a Drawn-Out Job Search Get You Down ~ Harvard Business Review

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Looking for a job can feel like a roller coaster ride. One week you have interviews and you’re feeling hopeful — and then a month passes without any news. To make it through the process, you need to manage your emotions. Start by acknowledging that there will be ups and downs. Remind yourself that long waits, and the emotions they cause, are normal. Activities like mindful meditation and journaling can help you experience and sort through your feelings in a positive way. You may also want to enlist the help of a coach, therapist, or work group for support. If you’re unemployed, be sure to do activities that energize you, such as exercising or having lunch with a friend. And don’t take delays personally. If a contact hasn’t made the introduction that they promised, send a friendly reminder, but also think about their other priorities. Chances are, the person wants to help you — they’re just busy. This kind of perspective can mitigate negative emotions during your search.

This tip is adapted from “How to Manage the Emotional Roller Coaster of a Job Search,” by Rebecca Zucker

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